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Conquer the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is an essential part of the manufacturing industry as purchasing managers and sales representatives handle demands and potential constraints daily. Not only can supply chain management weigh companies down, but the need for finding talent who understands the ins and outs of the machining industry is real.

Partner with Rhine to produce your machined parts, leveraging our combined 170+ years of knowledge in manufacturing. We strive to make a part that exceeds expectations through collaborative engineering, design support, CAD drawings, feasibility, and cost-reduction discussions. Our quality values ensure your parts are to print specifications, and our commitment to quality is reflected in our continual improvement process. Count on Rhine to produce creative solutions for your highly engineered-surface models with a service-minded approach.

A One-Stop Shop

Our team understands the need and benefits of finishing a part under one roof. We pride ourselves on being an asset to your organization by managing the production of components to your complex machined part, ultimately delivering on your needs.

Design Support

Our team has seen many complex parts enter and exit our shop, so we know what works. We aid your in-house design team through our consultative relationship, asking the right questions and exchanging information with your internal team to detect potential concerns before production.


We’ll make the part for you experiencing the trials and tribulations of manufacturing. The Rhine team analyzes the production, willing to pivot and bring in extra tooling if needed. During the process, if we recognize issues in development or a misrepresented part, you can expect a call from us to brainstorm solutions to move forward.


10-20 parts will be manufactured to analyze the entire production journey. Our team will optimize the process and evaluate cost-reduction discussions to understand pricing going forward, producing a part with the best price, quality, and service. We utilize quality methodologies such as Root Cause Corrective Action, 5 Why, and other quality resources to address issues, customer complaints, and excessive scrap.

CNC & Manual Operations

Contract CNC machining – this is what we do – it’s our bread and butter. We pride ourselves on efficiency, precision, and repeatability. Our team specializes in volume runs from 10 to 500 pieces with part features and requirements ranging from simple to complex – pulling in manual operations when needed for jobs with a high level of customization. We maintain detailed quality control procedures to meet all customer requirements throughout the production process.

Assembly & Packaging

When working with Rhine Machining, it’s one and done. We can assemble and pack your products with due care. Quality and attention to detail are key to achieving success and a finished product.

Reverse Engineering

It’s frustrating when a component needed for repair or maintenance cannot be reproduced because a technical drawing or design is unavailable. Our reverse engineering process allows Rhine to manufacture legacy parts to help you eliminate that frustration.

“Rhine Machining has been a great long-term partner, supplying HUI Manufacturing with machined components for our medical products for many years. The fact that they are local to us is great, but it is hard to beat their fair pricing, lead-times, and willingness to offer suggestions to help us solve problems for our customers.”

Greg Binversie | Project Manager, HUI Manufacturing

“We’ve recognized them as probably one of our top suppliers in general because they are very good as far as customer service is concerned, which is fantastic. They will move things around and do some creative things for us if we need them to.”

Sean W. | Buyer, Contract Manufacturer

“Rhine Machining is very responsive. No beating around the bush or uncertainty about what it is that they need, or what we need. They are straightforward and very timely. I can trust that they’re going to bring up the issues that they have, or that they’re going to be able to at least work something out to get us what we need.”

Kelly S. | Buyer, Contract Manufacturer