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Who We Like to Help

Rhine is committed to exceptional, individualized service. Our team specializes in volume runs from 10 to 500 pieces with part features and requirements ranging from simple to complex – pulling in manual operations when needed for jobs with a high level of customization. We gladly work with manufacturers seeking quality expertise, from OEMs to contract manufacturers. We aim to develop lasting relationships beyond the project, growing with you and your family of parts.

Why We Exist

From humble beginnings, Rhine Machining continues to grow…

Rhine has been poised to serve manufacturers in an era when developing outside partner relationships has become an ever more popular means of producing manufacturing components. Rhine Machining constructed its facility in Kiel, Wisconsin, in 1996. The company continues to grow, adding to its facilities in 2004, 2012, and again in 2022-2023. We continue to invest in our business to meet our client’s evolving needs and expectations, continuously improving operations to maximize efficiency and impact. Today, our skilled crew of manufacturing engineers, machinists, quality management, and customer support collaborate with stakeholders to provide parts to diverse manufacturers in several key economic sectors, including dairy, agriculture, construction, medical, and restaurant equipment, to name a few.

To honor our team’s commitment to providing unparalleled customer service and our interest in continuing to be a trusted manufacturing partner, the two parallel arrows within the “R” of Rhine in our refreshed logo help remind us we are on a path together.

We are honored to have received the “2022 Above & Beyond” Award from The Vollrath Company for our team’s communication, reliable quality processes, and flexible, creative solutions to make superior parts, completing their vision.

Meet Our Team

The excellence and success of Rhine Machining is only possible thanks to the talented individuals that make up our team. We take pride in our diverse group of professionals from various industry backgrounds and the unique skill sets they possess.

Darryl Schaefer

Owner, Coach/Mentor

Jeff Ernst

CEO/Engineering Manager

Tyler Schmahl

Operations Manager

Brent Frederick

Human Resources Manager

Melissa Matzen

Customer Service Manager

Carol Vignali

Quality Manager

Russ Thiel

Purchasing & Inventory Manager

Dan Luebke

Manufacturing Engineer

Chris Lodes

Maintenance Lead

Life at Rhine Machining

At Rhine, we aim to enrich the lives of employees, customers, and partners by creating meaningful work in the industry and continuous improvement. Our team prioritizes professional and personal development, fostering an educational and mentoring environment. We encourage knowledge-sharing, employee collaboration, and problem-solving within our shop. Those with a growth mindset excel within our culture. We are only as successful as our employees, so join our team today!

Benefits of working at Rhine include but are not limited to:

  • Medical, Vision, & Dental Insurance (Plan Options Available)
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with matching contributions by the company. Fully vested immediately.
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Holidays & Paid Time Off
  • No-Cost Uniform Service
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus
  • Paid Volunteer Time
  • Continued Educational Opportunities
“What I enjoy most about my job at Rhine Machining is constantly learning new techniques and processes. Doing the same thing all the time can get old, but here there’s always an opportunity for change or to learn new things.”

Carol V. | Dedicated Employee with 10 Years of Service

“Rhine Machining respects my personal and professional experiences. And they trust me, completely, that what I’m doing is the right action for the company and our clients. The team support is great.”

Russ T. | Dedicated Employee with 1.5 Years of Service

“The atmosphere here is very positive. I enjoy the people I work with as they are approachable and easy to get along with.”

Quinn M. | Dedicated Employee with 10 years of service